Issue of certificates

To All Graduates

 In issuing various certificates to graduates / Graduates (Note 1), from the viewpoint of the Personal Information Protection Law, it was necessary to confirm that the application was by the person's request.
 In conjunction with this, request for the submission of the identity confirmation (Note 2) at the time of issue. The procedure is done in the office, and the application method is as follows. If you have any questions, please contact the office.


For graduates and undergraduates, those who were enrolled at our school as students, including research students,etc., and those who dropped out are included.


About Identity Confirmation document.
Driver's license, Health Insurance card, Resident's Basic Register card, other things certified by a public institution.


Documents submitted at the time of application will not be used for purposes other than certificate issuance work.

Certificate type

Commission (1 mail )

Number of days required for issuance

Graduation Certificate

300 yen

1 day




Survey form


About a week

Unit Acquisition Certificate



* For other certificates, please contact the "office" directly.
※ Please consult with the office in advance to apply by an agent.
※ For English certificate, it takes about one week to issue.

How to apply by mail

 Please enclose the stamp postage of the total of the copy of the Identity Confirmation Document (Note 2), the issue fee, the postage fee for reply, and post it by specifying the following necessary matter.

Certificate Issuance Application

  • 1)Name · Date of birth
    2)Graduation (completion) year / department
    3)Certificate type
    4)Required number of copies
    5)Current address · Telephone number
    6)Shipping address
    7)Ordinary mail (82 yen) or special delivery (362 yen)

  • icon_wordCertificate issuance request

    Certificate application form .
    Please right click to download to use