Extracurricular activities

Not a learning area by Seniors, Juniors, Teacher studies.

With irreplaceable friends

The things you can not learned by studying alone but full of activities in daily real life.
Friends · Seniors · Juniors · Rivals · Teachers. By building various relationship, it will grow. I am actively involved with the club’s activities and culture department.
Found your purpose and target in life, developing your own refined skill, growing in your own everyday.

Sports Section

Athletic Club

Athletic Club

 Incorporate gymnastics, stretching, and power running. For boys to participate in the nationwide high school relay race competition, and girls are championing with their daily practice to win the nationwide high school race at the end of December every year and to win the national level in Japan. While trying hard to set target learing from seniors who participated in the Olympic Games.

Competition record

Kendo Department

Kendo Department

Kojokan swordsmen drive into kendo a human formation. The goal is Japan's best.Training in the morning toward achieving the goal with a spiritual kendo with aiming "after breathing".

Please see Facebook page of the Kendo Department for daily activities!

Facebook Kendo Department Facebook Competition record

Hard Baseball Club

Hard Baseball Club

 Kojokan High School Baseball club is supported by various people, tradition continues. Hope the tradition will continue taking to the next platform. Let's make a new history at Kojokan!

For daily activities please visit the Facebook page of the hard baseball club!

Facebook Hard Baseball Facebook Schedule of practice game



 The first and the last training move is praying. Kyudo is often thought to be difficult but it is a fun and serious sport. Since most of you start as a high school student, you can start from anywhere as there is no difference in ability. If you are interested, please feel free to visit us.

Soft Baseball

Soft Baseball

 Although the number of members is small, but the daily practice is vigorous. It also practice the games on Saturdays and Sundays, to accumulate experience of actual warfare, wining the tournament, and aim at the national tournament, practice every day.

Let 's play baseball together!

Please see the Facebook page of the soft baseball club for daily activities!

Facebook Soft Baseball Facebook

Cheerleaders department

Cheerleaders department

 Practicing muscle training / flexibility,dance,jump,motion and stunts. It may be difficult, and scary, even a beginner can do it! Hard body person will soften while you are practising it.

 It is a wonderful sport to creat team spirit.

Women's softball club

Women's softball club

 On Sunday, full day practice, and competition practice. Perform basic defense and batting practice, and incorporate the actual battle format during holiday time.

 Everyone makes daily every effort towards one goal. work hard not only for softball but also for everyday life.

 Beginners are also welcome, so if you are interested, please come to see us at the field!

Table Tennis

Table Tennis

 In competition to raise my level by working hard.

 Practicing basic footworking with a machine, with a computer and practicing attacking on a one-to-one basis.

 Let's have a table tennis with us!

Soccer Club

Soccer Club

 Practicing from Tuesday to Friday, 18 o'clock. Because few people, can become regular immediately after you join the game.

 Academic study is the first, it is perfect for those who want to exercise their body!

Soft Tennis

Soft Tennis

 Doing skill practice, judgment skill, and muscle training without fail. Besides the connected with the same grade colleagues, of course, senior colleagues are also good, can talk to each other.

 Beginners are also welcome! Why not you join us for fun?


Brass band club

Brass band club

 Practicing every day to deliver excitement to a lot of people by the brass band contest held in the summer, regular concerts are held once a year, spring concerts, and regional business trips.

 Love music and wanna try! Why not you try with us, the best music if you have the feeling?

Please see us at the Facebook page of Brass Band for daily activities!

Facebook Brass band club Facebook

Calligraphy Art Club

Calligraphy Art Club

 Producing calligraphy and art work. Participated in various contests, and in calligraphy, writes anything from small to large and draw a favorite word or favorite picture.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services

 Do voluntary services at school every day. Also, although it is irregular, but helping with events at welfare facilities and making things for wheelchair users. At the school it is a club activity.

Study and Learning

Study and Learning

 Working on studying in a calm environment like a library, carefully tackling the examination questions for the practice exam and asked teacher what I did not understand in the lesson and taught me. It is recommended for those who want to work hard on their study and study on their own.

Traditional Culture club

Traditional Culture club

 Engaged in various activities, taking challenges more interestingly, such as practicing Hyakuninbutsu, family garden, handicrafts and animal as pet. Why not you discover yourself in a free atmosphere?

Engaged in club activities with the aim of winning at a high level such as participation in interheay and national championship.

Main achievements in recent years

Athletic Club

Yuka Takashimagraduated from H19 year)

Rio de Janeiro Olympic competition

Lisa Shigetomo・Hitomi Shintani(graduated from H17 year)

London Olympic competition.

National High School Ekiden Races Tournament.

Championship / Second Prize (Girls)

H22 Fifa National High School skiing for Man and Woman.

Okayama Prefecture High School Women's Ekiden Round Tournament.

Reloaded Race Tournament

Women's National High School Ekiden

17 years running continuously

The 55th Okayama Prefecture General Physical Education Competition Athletics Games.
69th National High School Athletics Competition Competition Okayama Prefecture Qualification.

Women's 3000m 3rd place 4th
Women's 1,500m 4th 5th 6th

The 69th China High School Athletics Championship Tournament.
Cum-69th National High School Athletics Championship Tournament.
China Region qualification.

Women's 1500m 3rd place

The 62nd Okayama Prefecture Athletics Championship Tournament.
Cummins 101st Japan Athletics.
Championships Competition Preliminaries The 71st National Sports Festival prefectural representative race selection cum .

Women's 1500m victory 4th place 7th

The 71st National Sports Festival Okayama Prefecture National Final Player Selection.

Male 5000m 7th
Boys 3000m 8th
Ladies and Men 3000 m Championship victory Second place 3rd place 6th
Ladies and Men in common 1500 m Second place 4th 6th place

The 64th Okayama Prefectural High School Newcomer Athletics Championship Tournament Cummins 25th China High School Newcomer Athletics Championship Tournament Okayama prefecture qualification

Women's 3000m second place champion 4th
Girls 1500m 3rd place 4th

Men's 79th Women's 32nd Okayama High School Ekiden Race Games Kaneko 67th · Women's 28th National High School Relay Epidemic Race Tournament Okayama Prefecture Participation.

Men's 10th place (China contest participation)
Women's championship (national competition participation)

Men's 58th Girls' 30th Chinese High School Ekiden Race Games.

Women's championship


Joint competition male 5 times and girls 6 times participation.

8 consecutive years Contestant Best 16 2 times.

Nationwide election competition 2 times for boys and 6 girls participation.

Best 8 1 time / Best 16 2 times

Chinese competition

Men's Championship 2 times / Women's Champions 4 times

Chinese rookie competition

Women's Championship 5 times.

The 62nd China High School Kendo Championship Okayama Prefecture qualification.

3rd place for women's groups
Women's individual best 8

The 55th Okayama Prefecture General Physical Education Competition
Kanetsu 63rd National High School Kendo Competition Okayama Prefecture qualifying party.

Men's group second place winning (Joint competition participation)
Men's individual best 8
3rd place for women's groups
Women's individual best 8

Okayama Prefecture High School Freshman Kendo Competition in2016

Men's individual best 8
3rd place for women's groups
Women's individual best 8

Nationals appearance boys boys boys girls.

Hard Baseball Club.

80th National High School Baseball Tournament participation.

Spring Okayama Prefecture High School Baseball Tournament.

Best 16

National High School Baseball Championship Okayama Tournament.

Best 8

Okayama Prefecture Autumn High School Baseball Tournament.

Best 8

Women's softball club

Bichu District Competition.


Cheerleading department

2012/2014 JAPAN CUP
JAPAN CUP Cheerleading Japanese championship participation.


2016 Ibara Mayor's Cup (Individual)

Men 's Championship / Second Prize - 3rd place / Ladies' Second Los Angeles

Brass Band Club

The 56th Okayama Prefecture Wind Contest High School A Section.

Silver Award

Performed at Carnegie Hall, NY 2012

Performed at the Vienna State Opera 2013 (selection)


One for the sake of everyone, for everyone.

main image
main image

With a 24 hour security system. Can live safely in dormitory life with teacher resident's guidance system. Care about creating an environment where one can concentrate on learning. Hope to adapt society through co-living with my colleagues and to live together as human beings to serve many people.
According to the spirit of "Bunmutake Fuki", it is an educational dormitory with emphasis on "learning habits" "learning time " and "autonomous independence".

main image
main image

Education Dormitory constructed in 2013, donated by graduate Yasuhiro Komatsu. Can concentrate on club activities and studying, acquiring quality customs in group life. In addition to the exercise , students devoted to studying can also stay in the dormitory.

Facilities Set up

Each room has large furniture You can live comfortably.


Dining room · meeting place · study room · public bath · laundry · bicycle parking lot

Each room】

Study desk · bed · closet

Closed period

Obon holiday closed from 8/13 to 8/15

New Year's Holiday from 12 / 28-1 / 3

※ For other homecoming, departmental activity entrants will schedule activities of each department, scholarshipmen will be available from time to time, upon application request.

Bookshelf in the dormitory. Heard that there are also many seniors who entered the dormitory and liked books. Book placed with a desire to read and share the book. Recommended books, and happy that other students will read and share their thoughts.

It is summarized on a white board so that school events and schedules of each part can be clearly display. The part is different, important companion who spends together. On the day of the tournament, I will send a message to the Whiteboard to remind everybody to leaves early in the morning.


Computer Set Up

2 people 1 room

washing machine permanently installed.

For women's athletics only Midori dormFor women's athletics only Midori dorm

To be active in the country and the the world, with an objective, dormitory exclusive for girls, Olympic athletes and players who are active in business associations have lived in this dormitory.

Girls' education dormitory Aokage dormGirls' education dormitory Aokage dorm

In 2013, complete renovation of the girls' education dormitory, in group living acquire good habit. Besides the exercise department, students devoted to studying can also stay in the dormitory. Aokagase dorm has a small field behind, that can grow vegetables for everyone!


Morning call

The morning call from 6 o'clock.

In the beginning, was sleepy and no choice. Gradually my body got used to it, to get up early.


Morning Cleaning

Dormitory is a house and family where a place for everyone spend together, need detail cleaning.

After cleaning in the morning, looking forward to water my home garden.



Starts in the morning, must enjoy. The menu was thought of by Nutritionist, everyday delicious.

After breakfast, get ready for school. Some students go out for club activities.


Thereafter, return to Dormitory

After activity, very tired, but when back to dormitory all tired is gone.




(Japanese language, Mathematics, English, Commercial)※Applicant only

Dormitory with hope, Japanese, Mathematics and English Teacher teachs class in the dormitory which give me the opportunity to ask questions that I did not understand in class and trying more advanced problems.

Dormitory Supervisor Chief spoke of the obvious, and gave speeches on current news and discussion. Both listening and speaking skills have improved.


Night Cleaning


Night call


Self Studying

All of the residents are required on daily basis to have study time. This is the rule of the dormitory that was not used at the beginning,I gradually taught by my friends, decided to do it early and began to use this time effectively.


Light Off

School uniform at Kojokan High School.

Simple blazer type like adult.

 Uniform is a simple design of dark blue blazer type.

Since the shirt has two colors of blue and yellow, can choose according to the mood of the day. The button with logo of Kojokan will further complement the impression of adults.

Summer clothesSummer clothes

In a refreshing light blue shirt, boys with light gray slacks, girls feeling clean with pleated skirt with cleanliness with deep blue.

Winter clothesWinter clothes

A dark blue blazer with a dignified look which makes you feel like a adult. School color green tie and ribbon, and the button present the school logo nicely.


The original vest is white color.

There is also a dark blue sweater. that can coordinate with the gray check skirt according to the mood of the day.

Shirt/ribbon /button

School Activities

People, Community and Communication.

At Kojokan, experience various school events throughout the year.
Facing the same goal of "success" or "victory", that bonds with friends are deepening in every event, building strong rapport with friends.
"You can laugh or cry" and you can make lots of memories.


School Entrance before school start. First semester opening ceremony.

Entrance ceremony Test of assignment Examination from outside school.2.3years)


Student General Assembly Visiting Day/PTA General Meeting

Lodging Study and Training.1 year) First semester interim examination.


Excursion test.


School tour Open school

End of semester exam First semester closing ceremony

Baseball cheering Tripartite talking School trial test


Summer supplementary tuition Summer seminar

School maintenance work Second semester opening ceremony Examination test


kojyo Festival  Sports Festival Excursion Examination

school eventschool event


Second semester Excursion test

Open school


Ekiden cheering School excursion (2years)

Facility experience learning (1year)  Other curriculum test (3years)

Sakura worship visit.


Second semester end review

Second semester closing ceremony


Admission Third semester opening ceremony Center Examimation (3years)

Excursion Examination (1.2years) End-of-school Examination (3years)


Send a third grader Award ceremony・Completion ceremony (3years)

Alumni Association Induction Ceremony


Graduation ceremony End-of-grade examination (1.2 years)

completion ceremony Three-party talks (1.2 years)  Third semester closing ceremony

school event