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Strive towards the goal, and hold on to a dream.

Rio de Janeiro Olympic competition 
Yuka TakashimaRio de Janeiro Olympic competition 
Yuka Takashima
Yuka Takashima


Date of Birth】1988 May 12th
Please Born】Yamaguchi Prefecture
Junior High School】Hofu City Kokufu Junior High School
High School】Kojokan Okayama


 In my life, the days I spent at Kojokan High School were very precious experience.
 Without this experience, I have not been, nor have I been aiming for the Olympic Games. I think, I have scrificed a lot because it is a highly empathetic period.
 There may be times when you are about to give up your dream However, there are friends and teachers who support me. Believe in your power, please do your best.

Even if you suffer, there are companions here to support you.

Approved by Okayama University Faculty of Education.

Miho Matsumoto
Kanaura Junior High School)
Special Admission Course
Old: Super Advance Course)

 It is the winter of the high school second grader and I have decided the school that I wanted. For a long time, I thought that I would like to visit Okayama University but it was around this time that my thought became clear.
 Since I belonged to the band division, I had a regular concert in May, a competition in August, Honestly I've sometimes thought that I should stop club activities as it is now.
 However, I do not want to quit, I strongly want to work hard with everyone, I decided to do it till the end. Although competition between club activities and examination study was hard, I feel that it would be a good refreshing or not using time effectively because of my club activities, so I entered the examination study.
 Every teacher also got involved in studying until late at night and was indebted to them. I think that I was unable to overcome the exams by myself, however, it was possible to survive because teachers who become parents and friends who are trying to do the same and encourage us. Thank you very much.

While striving for course determination, we have come to have a clear vision of life.

Approved by Osaka Kyoiku University School of Education.

Natumi Murakami
Tottori City Municipal Middle School Graduate)
Total Advance Course
Old:Basic Course Civil servant)

 I wanted to teach children what I learned through my experience of participating in national competitions and national sports festival during my high school life. While thinking about the future, I began to aim for Osaka Kyoiku University. I would like to convey that I can grow myself by understanding sports instruction in physical education classes and department activities.
 In my college entrance exam, I focused on three items, an essay, an interview, and a reason for my choice.
In the essay, I could not write a long sentence, but only short sentence. However, as my teacher corrected me and made me wrote the same subject over and over, I was able to develop sentences that argued my thoughts logically. In the interview, I watched the opponent's eyes and made aware of my purposes. For my aspiration, we emphasized on curriculum that is attractive at that university and organizing what I would like to study.
 I will leave this experience and go to my dreams and I will do my best to make it happened.

Efforts will not betray yourself, please believe in yourself and do your best.

Ehime University School of Medicine Nursing course.

Haruka Morishita
From Kannabe Junior High School)
Special admission course
Old:Former Super Advanced Course)

 From the very beginning I entered high school with the desire to study in National University. Every time during a model test, I learned not to repeat my mistake again so to avoid repeating the exam again “ I saw you before” which is the most regrettable thing to do.
 Since I attended a crowded school, I reexamined the past exam questions of the school many times and solved the past exam questions for for 7 years on average. 10 days before the center exam, I will do revision. As a result, I was not worried during the centre exam, with better results than any of the trial exams.
 During the second exam, I had an essay and an interview that I never practiced. The essay consist of an assignment from the teacher, I solved it, submitted it and had it corrected. In the interview, I asked by the teacher previously and practiced to be able to answer logically.
However, the interviewers at Ehime University were smiling all the while. The atmosphere was calm and I was able to expressed my thoughts and trying to understand the interviewers as well.
During my high school days, I took advantage of my vast experience, and I am thankful to the people surrounding me who supported me for my hard work and to do my best. I think that "efforts will not disappoint yourself.

During my high school days, I took advantage of my active experience.

By Prefectural Hiroshima University School of Management Information

Taga Aika
From Yoshii Junior High School)
Special Admission Course
Old:Formerly Super Advanced Course)

 In learning the exams, I wrote a lot of essays in a similar philosophy to the past questions of the school and got used to the essay writing.
As I wrote it, my thoughts and the speed at which I finished my essay has improved so I could finish in time. I read the pamphlet of the Univesity to understand what "The University Requirements” and able to answer according to the requirements as much as possible.
 I also made detailed preparations especially for what I wrote in my letter of desire. Even in the actual entrance examination, there were many questions close to what I had expected and I was able to respond smoothly.
 What I was particularly conscious of when I received the recommendation entrance examination is to appeal "my strengths".
 Something of myself that was different from others.

As a result, I have confidence in myself more than before since I passed the exam.

By F-Pico Co., Ltd.

Yudai Takahashi
From Ekiya Junior High School)
Total Advance Course
Formerly Basic Course Advanced Comprehensive System)

 For my job examination, basically is to find the reasons for the application, interview practice, and counter measures for subject exams.
 First of all, in preparation I need to find my strength and with my strenth then only able to contribute to the company.
 By doing this, I was able to see clearly my future own life design.
 Next, in the interview exercise, I practiced many times so that I could answer the questions confidently.
 Everyday, the teachers could review the process and provide further training to improve the interview process.
 The most difficult thing is the examination.
 I took countermeasures immediately after school by tutorial clases and continued into the late night.
 We have similar problems of ourselves and taking notes to solved it repetitively, the speed of the answer improved.
 In order to pass, I think that I was able to learn that it is important to repeatedly strive in the employment examination.