Career achievement

Full Support System to realize desired course.

 The school provides the education and the custom in the society as an intergreted system. That support all the university admission requirements nation wide, which allow every person to demonstrate its own capabilities and expertise. We created an environment that allows each student to take full advantage of its characteristics.

Career Guidance Based On Interview.

 Kojokan High School emphasizes career guidance by interview.
 Respect the desire of each student selection of course while there are other possible selection that the student may not be aware of.
 To analyze the admissions trend, have made the test preparation for admission. in particular in recent years, employment examination and recommendation entrance exam and AO entrance exam test contents have been diversified.

Increase Motivation
Campus tour · High school cooperation course.

 In order to create more awareness with respect to enhancing expertise, is to conduct campus tour of the University.
 By experiencing actual lectures and visiting the laboratory, helping to create a clearer future vision.

Increase understanding Special course with small number of students

 For national public universities, with third grade students aiming for famous private universities, special leture with small number of students is offered.
 With intense and detailed instruction, which further increase academic ability.
 In addition, for intellectual applicants, intensive special lecture classes are held one month prior to the employment examination.


Message from the Dean of Career Guidance.

 Find your own path in order to realise the dream.
 Think back "assess what you should do now" from achieving the goal It is important to make plans.
 The school is carrying out career education firmly looking forward to the University course after graduation Let 's clarify things now, before looking into the future.
Support you all the way, let's do our best together!

Recent track record

The National Public University】

  • Okayama University (Faculty of Education)

    Ehime University (School of Medicine)

    Hiroshima University (Faculty of Education)

    Kochi University (Faculty of Education)

    Kagawa University (Faculty of Education)

    Miyazaki University (Faculty of Agriculture)

  • Onomichi City University (School of Arts, Economics and Information Studies)

    Kochi University of Technology (Faculty of Management)

    Kanoya Sports College (Faculty of Physical Education)

    Prefectural Hiroshima University (Faculty of Management Information)

  • Okayama Prefectural University (Faculty of Health and Welfare · Information Engineering Department)

    Meikaku University (Faculty of Health and Sports)

    Osaka Kyoiku University (Faculty of Education)

    Kitakyushu City University (Department of Economics, Faculty of Regional Studies)

Private Universities】

  • Keio University (Faculty of Law)

    Ritsumeikan University (Faculty of Industrial Society)

    Nihon University (Faculty of International Relations · Sports Science Division)

    Tokai University (Faculty of Liberal Arts)

    Kinki University (Faculty of Law, Department of Business Administration)

    Bunkyo University (Faculty of Education)

    Kwansei Gakuin University (Faculty of Economics)

    Kansai University (Faculty of Human Health)

    Mukogawa Women's University (Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Health and Sports)

    Nushinkakuin University (Faculty of Contemporary Political Science and Economics)

    Buddhist University (Department of Social Welfare, Faculty of Sociology)

    Doshishosha Women's University (Faculty of Arts and Sciences)

    Ryukoku University (Faculty of Letters · Faculty of Economics · Faculty of Science and Engineering · Department of Sociology)

    Kokushikan University (Faculty of Law)

    Toyo University (Faculty of Law)

    Kobe Gakuin University (Faculty of Law, Contemporary Sociology)

    Kobe Women's University (Faculty of Literature)

    Tokai University(general education college)

    Nara University (Faculty of Literature)

    Nippon Sports Science University (body Hyogo University (Faculty of Health)

    Osaka Physical Education University(Faculty of Physical Education)

    Teikyo University(Faculty of Health and Sports)

  • Yamanashi Gakuin University(Faculty of Economics)

    Osaka University Of Economics (Faculty of Economics)

    Kawasaki Medical Welfare University(Faculty of Medical Technology)

    Hyogo University( Faculty of Health)

    Distribution Science University (Department of Industry)

    Tokyo International University (Faculty of Human Society)

    Daito Bunka University (Foreign Language Department)

    Ryutsu Keizai University (Faculty of Law)

    Kansai Welfare University (Departure from Faculty of Development Education)

    Konan Women's University (Faculty of Literature)

    ShujituUniversity (Department of Life Sciences)

    Mimasaka University (Department of Life Sciences)

    Fukuyama Heisei University (Faculty of Nursing)

    Yasuda Women's University (Faculty of Letters · Contemporary Sociology

    Hiroshima Shudo University (Faculty of Economics)

    Kyoto Sangyo University (Faculty of Law, Department of Business Administration, Department of Industrial Society)

    ND School Women's College (Faculty of Literature)

    Fukuyama University (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Life Engineering)

    Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (Foreign Language Department)

  • Sanyo Gakuen University (Faculty of Nursing)

    Pacific Rim University (Faculty of Physical Education)

    Hiroshima Keizai University (Faculty of Economics)

    Otemon University (Faculty of Economics)

    Okayama University of Science (Faculty of Science)

    Okayama Commerce University (Faculty of Law, Department of Business Administration)

    Kurashiki Koho University (Faculty of Children's Education)

    Hiroshima Institute of Technology (Faculty of Engineering)

    Kyoto Women's University (Faculty of Contemporary Society)

    · Kibi International University (Foreign Language Department · Social Studies Department Department of Social Sciences, Faculty of Health and Welfare)

    Hannan University (Faculty of International Communication)

    Kurashiki University of Science and Technology (Faculty of Life Science · Faculty of Animal Life)

    Osaka Institute of Technology (Faculty of Intellectual Property)

    Osaka Commercial University (Faculty of Business Administration)

    Osaka Sangyo University (Faculty of Human Environment)

    Sonoda Gakuen Women's University (Faculty of Human Health)

    Japan Red Cross Hiroshima Nursing University (Department of Nursing)

    Rakugo Gakuen University (Faculty of Dairy Farming)

    Osaka Tourism University (Faculty of Tourism)

The Junior College (Public and Private)】

  • Junior College (department of childcare)

    Kobe Women's Junior College

    Sanyo Women's Junior College (Department of Medical Technology)

    Kawasaki Medical Junior College (Department of Medical Care and Education)

  • Okayama Junior College

    Osaka Seikei Junior College (Department of Early Childhood Education)

    China Junior College (department of childcare)

    Pacific Rim Junior College (Department of Sports)

  • Sakuyo Music Junior College

    Mukagawa Gakuin Junior College

    Osaka International Junior College (Department of Child Care and Child Care)

    Niimi Public College of Junior (Department of Regional Welfare)

Vocational College】

  • Tokyo Academy (Department of Public Service)

    Okayama Information Business College (Department of Public Service)

    Asahi Medical College (Department of Physical Therapy · Department of Rehabilitation)

    Asahi Higher Dental Hygiene College

    Kurashiki Rehabilitation Academy (Physical therapy)

    Kansai Educational Welfare College (Care and Welfare Department)

    Kobe Medical Welfare College

    Okayama Medical Technology College

    Okayama Medical Center Nursing School (Department of Nursing)

    Fukuyama Medical Association Nursing College (Department of Nursing)

  • Matsue General Medical College (Department of Nursing)

    Okayama University of Science College of Technology

    Okayama Medical Secretary College (department of childcare)

    Awabu Medical Welfare College (Department of Child Care and Nursing)

    Okayama Science and Technology College (Department of Building Engineering)

    Okayama Science and Technology College (Department of Surveying Engineering)

    Okayama College of Automobile (Department of Vehicle Maintenance)

    Toyota Kobe Motor (Department of Vehicle Maintenance)

  • Osaka Aviation College (Department of Airport)

    Grumhl Beauty College (Beauty Department)

    Okayama Beauty College(Department of Cosmetology)

    Anabuki Beauty College

    Hiroshima Beauty College

    Tsuji cooking vocational school (department of cooking)

    Kobe International Cookery College

Principal Employment】

  • Okayama prefectural official

    Okayama Prefectural Police

    Ihara Fire Station

    Hyogo prefectural police

    Kagawa prefectural police

    Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

    Japan Air Self-Defense Force

    JFE Steel West Japan Works

    JFE Steel Corporation

  • JFE Mechanical

    JFE Mechatecno

    JFE West Japan GS Co., Ltd.

    Fukuyama Steel Center Co., Ltd.

    F - Pico Corporation

    Tenmaya Corporation

    TOTO Corporation

    Kyudenko Corporation

    Aichi Electric Co., Ltd.

  • Fujiko Corporation

    Akebono Brake Sanyo Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Sysmex Corporation

    Monteru Corporation

    Blue Mate Co., Ltd.

    Denso Corporation

    King Parts Co., Ltd.

    Femi Tech Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

    Many others