Stop Class Procedures

Closing Procedures Issue Of An Alarm.

 As of 6:00 am, if one of the following five alarms is issued in either Iguchi , Fukuyama area, it will be on standby at home.

If the alarm is not canceled as of 7:00 am, will be temporary closure, and if the alarm is canceled before 7 a.m., pay attention to safety and attend school.

  • Windstorm
  • snowstorm
  • Heavy rain
  • Flood
  • Heavy snow

safety first

 Should a large-scale earthquake occur in Okayama prefecture (Prefecture South) and Hiroshima Prefecture (Prefecture South), if school buildings are damaged badly, and the state of the school conditions is dangerous, therefore the school is closed.
 (Note) If alarms are issued to the residential area, students going to school other than the above and it is conclude that the school is dangerous or impossible.