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School reform promotion donation / scholarship benefit fund "Establishment of KSKK 170 (KSK KAIICHI Nana Zero)" and establishment of the fund About the request for donation

 School Reform Promotion Donation / Scholarship Payment Fund Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation to Kojokan High School from the perspective of establishing "KSKK 170 (K-ske Kennich Nana Zero)" and seeking for donation to the Foundation.
 Kojokan who started as "Kanaka teaching place" in 1853 (Yoshinaga 6) celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2013.
 When thinking about its history, it is consistent with the educational philosophy of the "Bakuma-dong Seosoin (White Deer Cave) bulletin" that has been inherited from the beginning up to the present. In its long journey to now, we have produced large number of great men who have supported the modernization of Japan and carved their name in history, and we are currently sending a large number of talented persons who have been making remarkable progress in each field. On the other hand, in the recent years, the declining birthrate and the aging of society have progressed, and various influences have begun to appear everywhere, in particular, the declining birthrate has increased its seriousness day by day.
 Unfortunately we do not see any signs of recovery yet, and our school is facing a very difficult moments. We have asked many people to donate as school reform, while in the future we will continue to provide stable and continuing quality education for students and training environment.
 In order to maintain it, we have become more dependent for the support of local people and graduates. In particular, the expansion of "scholarship" funds is an urgent task for future maintenance and development of our school. Therefore, in order to provide special support services for scholarship donation, we recently established the scholarship promotion / donation / scholarship benefit fund "KSKK 170 (KS KK I Nana Zero) *".
 Of course, Kojokan itself, as well as the board of directors and faculty and staff, will push forward further with self-help efforts and not only contribute to the region, but also experiences the essential to building a prospect for all the students' brilliant future We will continue to strengthen and nurture practical training, enhance education communication, continue recruiting foreign students with a view to promoting regional and international mutual understanding and international contribution.
 For details on the donation process, we would like to refer to the second and subsequent pages, where scholarships are more promising and excellent students from all fields.
 It will be an important "point" for to you to pick up and send it to the next stage.
 Thank you to the above, I am afraid we are in a severe economic slow down situation, but I do hope to see the contribution as regular as possible, including those who have already received support, by accepting this challenge, I will do my utmost to satisfy the request.

president of Kojokan School CorporationAyako Sakatani

Kojokan High School Principal PrincipalOkihisa Norito

Kojokan Alumni Association ChairpersonMasahiro Takahashi

※ KSKK 170 is named by Kojokan Shogakukin Kyufu Kikin for 170-year (Kojokan Scholarship Fund 170 years).

Scholarship Fund for the promotion and expansion of school reform of endowment scholarship fund.

1.Purpose of donation

Please support In order to improve the development of education and Scholarship Fund.

2.Use of donation

We will use it as follows.
・Utilize for promotion of education such as scholarship excellence, goods direction, economic circumstance, such as financial aid to students who are having difficult to attend school.

3.Period of Donation

Three years from September 8, 2016 to September 7, 2019

4.Type of donation

1)Donations from individuals.

Per bite


2)Donations from corporations.

Per bite


5.About tax incentives.

For donation, private individuals receive incentives under income tax law, corporate persons can receive incentives under corporate tax law. Please inquire for further details.

6.For those wishing to donate

These are the various method that you can donate.

Use postal transfer.Please contact us.)

Use bank transfer.Please contact us.)

Use a credit card.From F-REGI donation site)

Use a convenience store.From F-REGI donation site)

Use Pay-easy (Page) From F-REGI donation site)