阪谷 綾子Chief directorSakatani Ayako

Please get a shining future

 In a world of chaos and uncertainty not only in Japan but in the world, the bright futures lie in your own hand, irrespective of time, as we are the strong human race able to continue living forever.

 In this way, the people can demonstrate strong ethics and education background both supported by a strong foundation of knowledge, strong mind and body combines with basic physical strength.

 Since its founding 160 years ago for a long time, the idea of education by Zhu Xi on the White Deer Cave Concept. Times changed and sensitive observation of time without much movement.

 There are cooporation between teachers and students family resulting lots of discussion. Every students has its personality and appreciate the students future that need to be supported. In the environment develop by the city and the school to complete the high school education, not only study, sports but the daily life in school developing interpersonal skill need to be learned.

 For those who treasure life, to study under the environment of high school, the daily life in school and community sport development in Kojokan is a friendly environment.

 To cultivate the correct ethics and at the same time dismiss all unnecessary prejudice and conflicts. This is the type of characteristic of a person, which is the “must have attitude” will be changed naturally through time. This is the results of Kojokan’s “Moral Education”. If slightly more afford is put in, that will be “let go action” changes with courage. There will be understanding on international level and connected to the world.

 This kind of experience requires one self polishing and in the world outside there are many “Kojokan Family” members will join and hope to have a better future.

photo02 Head teacherIshishita kagenori

Past, Now and Future, we will walk together.

 In this school, “White Deer Cave Study” including study and activities, which part of daily life involving “Class Room=Learning Center which is very important. In this respect, what we should do or what we need to do, its all based on our own wisdom and courage, plus cooporation to survive. In the spirit of “Village School” Kojokan, able to produce people which are the self learning and contribute to society. In recent years, there are lots of reason in small families where some of the growing person does not able to show maturity in interpersonal skill. But in Kojokan School the experience with teachers, graduate students, local people where interpersonal relationship is good and important, everybody is full of smile.

 In recent years, nuclear families have been advanced for various reasons, and it is said that people who grew up among them have become dilapidated and immature, making it only possible to engage with people. In our school, we value citizenship and engagement with people. Let's spend time with high school life filled with smiles with a lot of people, not only our faculty and staff, but also graduates and local people.

 I Must Do” was discovered from many different type of people, “I can” is from here, “My Charactors” was found from this School, All these are from the Kojokan Family.

Looking forward to this inevitable meeting……