Study Abroad Program

Experience your overseas life, understand and interact with different cultures.

 Meeting people in different cultures and different languages will teach us that there are different perspectives and ways of thinking. Respect the position of the opponent, and accept the feelings. Such experiences will create ourselves active in the global society.

The first step towards a new world for Medium-term. Long-term study abroad program.


You can choose the period of your study abroad according to your purpose.


Because Japanese supporters are stationed in the field, it is safe.


Christchurch, a city full of history and nature, is an environment suitable for high school students' study abroad.


Can challenge a variety of activities and sports!


Will support learning by assignment etc. during the period of study abroad and after returning home.

First step to new world with detailed explanation.

Depending on the purpose, the period of study abroad.

Long term: One year study abroad (January 1 - December 2)

Medium term: 3-6 months. 

Short term: 2 weeks to 1 month.

Study Abroad Partner School.

NZ Christchurch City Public High School.

Riccarton High School / Lincoln High School / Rangiora High School, etc.


1 year (about 2 million yen) 1 month (about 400,000yen)

*Including tuition, homestay fee, air ticket etc.

Support System

Always cooperate with local Japanese staff.

Learning support from our school by assignment etc.


Certified Local School Unit As Our School Unit.

Can graduate in 3 years even if you study abroad for one year.

Scholarship system for study abroad.

Monthly payment of 27,100 yen (during study period)

Career path after graduation.

One year studying abroad preparation for examination from winter of two years after returning home.

Admission based on the best English.

Measure measures such as Eiken, TOEIC, TOEFL etc!

Lincoln High School

Lincoln High School

 It is a school in the area called Lincoln, 40 minutes by bus from Christchurch city center. It is a small university town a bit away from the city of Christchurch, where there is a relaxing atmosphere of the blue sky and the farm in the country scenery like New Zealand. For those who want to concentrate calmly and learn in such a relaxed atmosphere, it is the best environment. It is located in the immediate vicinity of Lincoln University, famous for agriculture related faculties, and can participate in university clubs etc. depending on the activities. The school grounds are wide and the school building is also beautiful. There is a very homely study abroad department and can support the local life firmly.

Yuuka Harada

Total admission course (Ibara municipal bunge junior high school graduate)

 Studied at Lincoln High School in New Zealand for about half a year. The host family was very kind, and was able to experience valuable experiences at my homestay place with my German international students who came for English learning as well as me. Tried to speak actively in English during school lessons. In the second half of my studies, can understand what the other person is saying. However, because I could not express my opinion as I wanted, I would like to work hard to study English even after I finish studying abroad.

★The recruitment brochure is under preparation.