Facilities Information

Surrounded by abundant greenery, Kojokan High School that cherished their history and tradition.

Surrounded by quiet and rich nature, well equipped for studying and club activities.

While placing importance on history and tradition, the introduction of ICT with a view to advance into the future, making it a place where various experiences can be accumulated.

Students love school food, it is a school meal boasted with abundant variety of menus!

School Gate(Okayama Prefecture Historical Site)

ASchool Gate
(Okayama Prefecture Historical Site)

Completed in 1857 till now.

At the school gate hang the “Kojokan” signage which was presented by Eiichi Shibusawa in 1912.

In 1991, the completion of the repair works.

Department of Information

BDepartment of Information

The environment to learn personal computer is also substantial. Four years ago, the PC equipment was renewed, and a comfortable net environment is in place.
With focus on commercial classes and use it for course learning and examination of all subject.



In 2003, it was completed the commemoration of 150th anniversary of foundation. From frictions books, comtemporary books, dictionaries to magazines, books of various genres are available.
On the second floor, historical objects that are related to Kojokan are displayed.

East Block Classroom

DEast Block Classroom

By the end of year 2013, every of the classroom is equipped with ICT equipments.
Also, desks for students are also widely set up.
Even if you put a reference book or dictionary, you can use it extensively.

Tsuneji Harada Memorial Stadium

ETsuneji Harada Memorial Stadium

In 2013, donated by Mr. Harada of Kojokan High School OB, a dedicated hard baseball field, with training facility, which provides a very fulfilling practice environment.

The Gymnasium 130th Anniversary Memorial.

FThe Gymnasium 130th Anniversary Memorial.

Each ceremony or assembly is held in a spacious gymnasium.
After school, it is an activity place for various organisations activities, and striving to work hard while practicing.

I Kitchen

It is located on the first floor of a new school building (East Block) built as a 160th anniversary commemoration project.

Not only for students, but also for parents and the general public. The set meals, noodles and side order are from a very enriched menus. The high school student who is growing up is also very satisfied with its nutrition value.

(Office Hours)  Monday to Friday 11:00 to 14:00

GPlum Flower Hall (school meal)

Plum Flower Hall (school meal)

Very bright and open space with a sense of cleanliness.


Noodles and single items menu

Rich Varieties.

Udon for 210 Yen

Daily set meal

Daily Recommendation Daily Menu

Quantity Assured

Daily set meal 410 Yen