Student Recruitment summary.

Membership Recruitment.

Course CapacityRemarks
Special education
15 peopleAim to go to a national public university · famous private university.
Total College
Preparation Course
55 peopleWill focus on choosing a wide range of courses such as universities, vocational schools and job hunting.
Career Design
30 peopleUtilizing the certification and qualifications, aim to go to universities and vocational schools and find employment.
Sports course20 peopleWe will raise our knowledge as athletes and aim to improve the skills of specialized competitions.

※ For enrollment procedures, please see the application guidelines.

※Those interested in sports course

· A person who wishes to take up of either the athletics section, the hard baseball section, or the kendo section.

Entrance Examination Data

Kojokan High School entrance examination result "Candidate / number of successful candidates"

Course Acceptance Not Acquired Fail Enroll-
Special educationTotal College PreparationCareer Design Sports
Special education101
3 people  0 people 12 people
Total College Preparation131 people105 people    22 people  4 people 24 people
Career Design50 people45 people       5 people 20 people
Sports35 people35 people       0 people 27 people
Total317 people268 people 40 people 9 people 83 people

Course Test Results in FY2008 (1) Average points for each subject (by course)

  JapaneseMathematics English3 subjects total
Special education62.6points 67.1points 60.2points 189.9points
Total College Preparation52.2points 46.4points 46.4points 145points
Career Design39.1points 31.4points 32.9points 103.4points
Sports43.7points 35.3points 31.8points 110.8points

2016 Subject Test Result (2) highest point / lowest point (by course)

  Highest point Lowest point
Special education274points 107points
Total College Preparation227points 42points
Career Design203points 50points
Sports239points 54points

※ The above results are for all examinees.

Scholarship System

Scholarship system · Support fund from the country · Provincial subsidies can greatly reduce tuition fee.

◆All scholars are exempt from enrollment fee of 60,000 yen!

◆Special Admission for the Special Academic Course for Scholarship student!

◆Junior high school 3rd year excellent student achievement Exemption for exam fee!(See below for details)

Tuition and School Attendance Fee.

Tuition fee Original Tuition
Expenses Educational
Original tuition
Annual income of
from country
※1) Grant assistance
(subsidies) from
the prefecture
Total actual tuition

※Other special education activities promotion expenses, and equipment costs, PTA membership fee, School building remodeling fund cooperation money 67,200 yen (annual amount) is required.

Depending on the annual household income, the amount of support money (subsidy) will differ.

※If the annual household income is less than 2.5 million yen, educational benefits such as high school students 67,200 ~ 138,000 yen will be separately paid.

※It may be cheaper than the tuition fee of the prefectural high school depending on the household income and scholarship system.

※1)Subsidies from the prefecture are applicable only when the principal and the parent's current address are in Okayama Prefecture.

Application for Exclusive Applicant only

■Department activity scholarship student.
【Scholarships A · B · C】 ※ End of November

· Those who apply for exclusive application after receiving the recommendation from the junior high school principal in the case of excellence in academic achievement, excellence of persons, goods direction, school expenses, difficulty in supporting school expenses. It applies to those who satisfy all conditions above. (By ranking at our school, we will decide A to C rank.)

Exemption fee

■Excellent academic achievement scholarship student

· Examination fee will be exempted if the 5th grade rating of the 9th grade of the junior high school meets the following criteria for the 1st choice course.

Special grade course assessment: average 4.0 or more.

Total Admission Course Assessment: when the average is 3.7 or more.

Payment Monthly ¥8,600

■Entrance Examination Result Excellent Scholarship Student
【Scholarship S】

・Special Academic Purpose Course

・Total Advancement Course Applicants who have passed the entrance examination results as top 10 candidates for "entrance examination outstanding scholarship candidates" and shall apply "Scholarship S”after the prescribed procedure.

・In the case of a joint application examination, it will be applied exclusively by applying procedures within the period. · Applicants only enclose details for acceptance notice documents.

Applicable when brothers and sisters are enrolled

■Brothers and sister scholarship students

・ If you are enrolled more than two brothers and sisters in our school, will apply to the second and subsequent students for 3 years. However, it can not be used in conjunction with "entrance examination outstanding scholars". Also, please note that the payment of fee differ in case of exclusive application and case of joint application.

Application for exclusive applicant only

■Hard work scholarship student
【Scholarship A】 ※ End of November

・ If you are a successful applicant and you are a mother or a father and you have difficulty paying school fee.

・The average grade of the junior high school 3 years is 3.0 or more, those who passed, the school after being recommended by the junior high school principal. It applies to those who satisfy all conditions above.

Apply to Related Person

■Kojokan Graduate Children's Scholarship System.
【Scholarship C】

・ Applicable when there are graduates of our school in the second degree. The term "second degree parents" refers to parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters. If there is a corresponding person, fill in the application form.

Only wish examinee college

■Special Entrance Examination Scholarship 【Scholarship A】

・ Applicable to all applicants who have passed the special application course special requirements.

※Scholarship student S · Brothers and sister scholarship students (exclusive application only) will receive a scholarship fee of 20,000 yen per month when entering the student dormitory.

Examination Information

Various documents

Recruitment summary Application for admissionEntrance Examination
Question for 2016
Documents to be filled
in by the middle school
at the time of application
Survey form for entrance
examination(Excluding Okayama and
Hiroshima prefectures)